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Discover our carefully curated selection of top-quality used office furniture in London. Each piece is handpicked to ensure that you not only receive the best value but also contribute to sustainable practices by giving these items a new life. Upgrade your London workspace with our affordable and stylish solutions

Kings Office Furniture offers an easy and affordable way to purchase the highest quality used office furniture in the UK.

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We carefully select the finest second hand office furniture and refurbish it on-site to exceptional standards. As the UK’s leading and most trusted used office furniture supplier, we provide a comprehensive range of high-grade products from office desks , office chairs , office tables , communal office seating and office storage solutions .

Second hand office furniture can be a big money saver

Whether you work on your own from the comfort of your own home, at a new innovative startup or for a larger company in a fully-fledged office, there comes a time when you need to invest in good-quality furniture or the current furnishings need to be updated. This could be during a redesign or because the furniture you bulk ordered 15-years ago is starting to give in. It’s an exciting time and can bring a whole new lease of life to the working environment and to the employees that inhabit it. Now this time has come, there are things that need to be considered, of course. You will most likely have a budget to stick to, which is probably the most important consideration you need to take into account. Similarly, you will also need to consider the design, colour scheme and health & safety of yourself and your colleagues. What most people don’t realise is that with pre-owned furniture, you often get a better overall selection at a much-reduced price while still acquiring a similar quality to brand new products.

The quality of used office furniture

The biggest benefit of buying used office furniture is obviously the cost. As with buying anything recycled, the price you will pay will be significantly less than buying the brand-new version. But this does come with some added stress as well as the inherited depreciation. The constant worry leading up to the collection day that the quality is as expected leading from the pictures. We understand this at Kings Office Furniture, which is why we make sure we only stock second hand office furniture that is up to the highest standards, so our customers are always happy with their purchase. We always try to accurately represent our products on this website and are always confident that the quality of our furniture will exceed our customer’s expectations. This is why everything we sell comes with a 12 month warranty , at no extra cost. Lower price doesn’t have to mean lower quality.

Why buy pre-owned office furniture instead of new?

If saving some well-earned cash on some top-quality second hand office furniture isn't enough of a reason to join the preloved army, maybe the positive environmental impact will be. As with buying anything brand new, especially plastic made products, the materials and energy used to produce them are harmful to our planet. Not to mention the fact that plastic doesn’t decay, so every piece of plastic office equipment you have ever used still exists, and is filling up landfills. While it may have a small impact, buying used office furniture is a small thing we can all do to have a positive impact on the environment.

Office furniture is an industry that has huge potential to reduce its carbon footprint. Some would say it has a responsibility to do this, and this responsibility lies with both the manufacturers and the consumers. Every day thousands of companies manufacture brand new furniture using an extensive and unnecessary number of resources and energy. At the same time, landfills are being filled to the brim with second hand office furniture that has been used for short periods of time and then disposed of. This is because it’s often easier for companies to dispose of it this way rather than sell it on. Both of these factors negatively contribute to the declining state of our environment. Such as this example, in many industries, recycling is barely profitable and usually not worth the time and effort involved.

Buying used office furniture is positive for the environment

For those that have good environmental and economic sense, buying second hand office furniture can be a truly positive act and an absolute jackpot. Thanks to the BS EN 527-2:2016 standard, that sets office furniture safety, strength and durability requirements, all office desks and chairs are built to last. Choosing used office furniture could be the best decision you make for your company or workspace. With second hand, you can furnish your space at a fraction of the price while helping the planet and keep the pounds in your pocket.

We carefully select the products that we offer, making sure it is in the best second hand condition possible. We also thoroughly clean and refurbish our products, so we can proudly and confidently say all our furniture is in very good condition and can often be sold ‘as new’. We take great care and pride in preparing our goods for our customers, and we are so confident in the quality of our products that we offer a 1-year warranty on everything we sell.

At Kings Office Furniture we have taken this all into account. We select the highest-quality used office furniture, refurbish it and sell it to our customers so that they can experience the supreme value of buying second hand. The wide variety of products we stock are suitable for any office or workspace and we are confident that they will make a great addition for years to come.

Where do we operate?

Kings Office Furniture has its roots firmly planted in London, a city known for its dynamism and ever-changing business landscape. From the heart of the West End to the burgeoning developments in East London, our understanding of the capital's varied industries and cultural nuances informs the range of furniture we offer. Whether you're a startup in Camden or a law firm in the City, we have the local expertise to outfit your workspace in a manner that truly reflects London's unique blend of tradition and modernity. Yet, our commitment to quality and customer service extends far beyond the M25. We're proud to serve businesses UK-wide, bringing the same level of excellence that our London clientele have come to expect. No matter where you're located, our efficient nationwide delivery system ensures that you receive your furniture promptly, often accompanied by our warranty for peace of mind. So, while London may be our home, our services know no bounds; we're as committed to our clients in Manchester, Birmingham, and Edinburgh as we are to our London base.

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